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Partner with Ma'aleh to as we use the language of film to share Israel and Judaism, to heal and to provide economic opportunity.



The heart and soul of Ma'aleh is the 4-year filmmaking track. Students learn all the skills needed to enter the television and film industry in Israel including directing,production, cinemaphotography, editing, lighting and sound at the highest professional level.

Most students begin their studies at Ma'aleh after completion of Army or National Service. Almost all are working to support themselves. Many students are already married. Some have children.

Many must rely on partial scholarships to complete their studies at Ma'aleh.

Assistance with Production Expenses

During the course of their studies, students create at least 1 short documentary or drama as a graduation project. Graduate films, after traveling the world in film festivals, join the Ma'aleh film library as resources for Jewish Identity and Israel awareness programs in Israel and across the globe.

In addition to tuition fees, students are responsible for the $10,000-$35,000 needed to finance their graduate film projects. Ma'aleh donors help offset these costs with tax-deductible donations to Ma'aleh. With a minimum contribution of $10,000 to production costs, donors may be named in the credits of the film they support.



The Ma'aleh Film School has operated a VideoTherapy program for over 15 years. The
 Center's work is based on therapeutic filmmaking workshops for special populations (at-risk youth, the disabled, immigrants, victims of trauma, etc.). Participants, in groups according to their specific challenges or situations, meet weekly over the course of approximately eight months. Guided by a Ma'aleh filmmaker and  therapist, participants undergo a creative, therapeutic process that allows them to touch their pain and express themselves through the process of creating a film.

At the end of the project, participants have a movie that brings their personal story to the screen in a form that can be shared with family, friends and the general public.

Following Operation Protective Edge, we invited the mothers who lost sons in battle to
participate in a special VideoTherapy group just for them. Through structured exercises and work on their final films, these women discovered a path toward healing.

The mothers of the VideoTherapy group have found tremendous strength being and working together. Please help Ma'aleh expand the project and open groups for bereaved fathers and for siblings.

Cost for each group is $30,000



Ma'aleh's first ever professional filmmaking program for Ultra-Orthodox women is a fast-track vocational program designed to train the participants in the practical skills needed to create films for business advertisements, family and community events, and short documentaries.

The curriculum includes film directing and production, photography, editing, scriptwriting, sound and lighting. Each student is required to produce a short documentary, one public relations (PR) film and one event film. With these films, each student begins to build her professional film portfolio.

The course also includes workshops in basic business development so that participants will be equipped to open small businesses and start on the path to successful, independent economic futures.

Tuition fees cover part of the cost of the course, however Ma'aleh must find additional support for the program so that the fees do not place the course beyond the reach of the population we are helping enter the workforce.

Join Ma'aleh and offer the proverbial fishing rod. These women, once trained are able to enter the workforce, support themselves and their families, serve as examples to others, and bring film as a means of communication and art into their Ultra-Orthodox communities.

Sponsor a student $1,800. Underwrite a class $25,000.



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