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Einat Kapach / Alumni


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A screenwriter and director who lives and creates in her native Jerusalem. A graduate of the Ma'aleh Film School with an M.A. from the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem, Einat lectures on film and Jewish identity in different communites in Israel and abroad (including the small Jewish communities in Montana, Idaho, and even Namibia and Zimbabwe). Among other projects, she directed the award winning film "Iftach's Daughter" which played at numerous festivals around the world; produced a series of short films about international charity organizations; and was a diarist in the film "Peace Diaries" which details the lives of Israelis and Palestinians over a six month period. Einat is frequently invited to lecture at various foundations, and was a judge at the 2009 Jerusalem Film Festival. She recently directed the documentary film "Two Legacies," and won the Minister of Education's award for Artists in the Field of Jewish Culture for her feature script "At the End of a Long Day." Einat represents a new generation of religious women artists, participating in a cultural revolution to bring women's voices to the screen.


The Yemenite Children

1998 Documentary | 20
This film is not available through the website at this time.more >


Jephtah's Daughter

1997 Drama | 19
The year is 1984. Several members of a Jewish family are making their way on foot through the desert from Ethiopia to Sudan, where a plane is waiting to take them to Israel. When the family is...more >
Narrative Director, Documentary Director, Screenwriter