Bracha Yaniger / Alumni


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A Story about Rain

2013 Drama | 18
In a world without rain, an artistic couple discovers that they have the power to create water. The man’s special powers challenge the couple’s relationship.more >



2013 Drama | 23
In yeshiva, when you’re hungry eat. When you’re tired sleep. If you’re not hungry or tired, you sit and study Talmud. If you’re not studying, what are you doing here? What happens when you get stuck...more >

Closing Up

2013 Drama | 14
Nahum, a 75 year old picture frame shop owner. He wraps up and empties the contents preparing to close the shop. In the last few years, things were slow and people hardly came into the store. On the...more >



2013 Drama | 20
Nitzan, a young girl who feels out of step with her life, wants nothing to do with anyone. After behaving badly during an event at high school, she boards a bus and wishes only to be left alone for...more >

The Rabbi, the Pupil and the Holy Ark

2012 Drama | 10
A yeshiva student discovers that the door of the Holy Ark leads to an enchanted world. Will he find there what he is looking for?more >
Narrative Director, Cinematographer, Producer / First AD, Editor
phone: 054-6541481