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Itaay Netzer / Alumni


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White Mist

2014 Documentary | 14
The dark apartment is filled with memories of their life together, Yizhak and Brut. One is a verteran immigrant from the Former Soviet Union, the other a small, black bouncy dog. Brut has a tumor on...more >


2013 Drama | 20
In an foreboding city, in which no one knows and no one cares, there is a young man who draws out the pain from others. He is a dishwasher in a restaurant, completely unnoticed. But as the manager...more >


Your Sweet Light

2013 Documentary | 43
A young couple from Tekoa establishes a Jewish home in India for backpackers. The camera follows the dramatic turns in their relationship that result their work. It is an intense film about ideology...more >
Narrative Director, Documentary Director, Screenwriter