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Miryam Adler / Alumni


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A Visit to My Parents

2013 Documentary | 27
An evil spirit descends on my small, warm family. My father became a religious Jew. My mother converted to Christianity. My sister is married to a non-Jew and my father rejects her and the family. I...more >

Sister of Mine

2012 Drama | 25
Like all young ultra-orthodox girls, Ruchi, the favorite daughter of a Jerusalem family, dreams of becoming a wife and mother. But the fact that Ruchi's younger sister has Down's syndrome makes Ruchi...more >


2011 Documentary | 27
A rare glimpse into the lives of three divorced Ultra Orthodox women, who tell about their daily hardships, fears, and diminished status in the eyes of the community. Above all, their dearest wish is...more >

Wall, Crevice, Tear

2015 Other | 10
A lyrical, poetic look at the women’s section of the Western Wall. Judaism, Christianity, piety and secularism appear at the wall night and day, rain or shine. With a hypnotic and stylized...more >

The Youngest

2018 Drama | 16
Leah, the youngest child in the family, is ready to get married. But her widowed mother finds it hard to let her go. The film takes place in Hanukkah and with the light of the candles, things begin...more >

The Youngest

2018 Drama | 19
In the Jewish ultra-Orthodox world, marriage is by arrangement only. Leah, a young woman just coming of age who works in her widowed mother's store, is ready for love, but her mother seems unwilling...more >



2011 Drama | 18
The anticipated visit of their grandmother is ruining the life of a mother and her teenage daughter. When the electricity stops, and the flowers they ordered do not arrive, they need to draw closer...more >

Keeper of the Covenant

2010 Drama | 22
Matan's Bar Mitzva is two days away, the day he will become a man. For the past few months he was been disturbed by erotic dreams. Matters are made worse when Matan turns to a website for advice.more >



2009 Drama | 29
Shira, the mother of five children, lives in a religious community. Her husband's expectation is that she will continue to bring children into the world. Shira begins to collapse under the stress of...more >
Screenwriter, Producer / First AD, Editor
phone: 0524792100