Hadas Kahana-Schlissel / Alumni


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2010 Drama | 23
Ruth's husband Uri is fighting in the Second Lebanon War. Ruth is glued the radio, listening to the names of soldiers who have been killed. When Uri comes home on leave, the couple must delay their...more >


Talking with My Father

2009 Documentary | 20
When I was little and people used to ask me what my Dad did, I told them he was a vegetable retailer. The neighborhood kids would laugh at me, knowing that he ran a simple market stall in the local...more >

A Jerusalem Tale

2007 Drama | 14
Lazer and Baila Hirsch, an older orthodox couple who have emigrated to Israel from America, struggle with financial hardship and general misfortune. Lazer, a Bretzlav Hassid, finds that his capacity...more >

The Divide

2011 Drama | 22
Kobi has joined the army despite his parents' opposition. He returns to his home in the hills of Samaria for Shabbat just before he is to be given the award for Outstanding Soldier at an upcoming IDF...more >

Persian Lullaby

2010 Drama | 20
Dafna, the 40-year old single mother of a newborn boy, arrives at her parents’ home a few days before her baby’s brit (circumcision). Her father, an elderly Persian Jew, repeatedly snubs Dafna,...more >
Narrative Director, Screenwriter, Editor