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Chaim Elbaum / Alumni


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Welcome Home, Mani

2007 Documentary | 42
Rachel and Mani, after 51 years of marriage, are holding out against all odds. Mani has had a stroke, and the couple are struggling with disability, loneliness, and powerlessness. Every day Rachel...more >



2007 Drama | 22
Yoni and Michal, who have been married for only a year, arrive at the Rabbinate to formalize their divorce. The two expereince different emotions while wating in line, and the ceremony has an outcome...more >


And Thou Shalt Love

2007 Drama | 29
*Adult Subject Matter Ohad, who is studying in the special "Hesder" program for orthodox soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, experiences profound loneliness while he conceals from others that he...more >


Without Sugar (Sugarless)

2005 Drama | 10
On the eve of his bar mitzva while busying himself with last-minute errands and fitting in a final practice of his Torah reading, Daniel goes out on his bike and is attacked by another child. When...more >
Narrative Director, Documentary Director, Screenwriter