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Tamar Ben-Baruch / Alumni


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New Years Resolution

2007 Drama | 15
*Adult Subject Matter On the eve of the Rosh HaShana festival, a 38-year-old single woman announces to her orthodox family that she plans to have a child by artificial insemination. The family...more >


2009 Drama | 17
Aaron decides to stay behind at the Yeshiva one weekend, when all his friends have left to go home. He is surprised by the arrival of his father, with whom he has had no contact for some time. The...more >

Niro and Flika

2013 Documentary | 30
Niro, a farmer, settler drop out and musician who has always related more to the Arab way of life than the Jewish one, wplows with his female donkey and supports himself by playing Arab music in the...more >

And Thou Shalt Love

2007 Drama | 29
*Adult Subject Matter Ohad, who is studying in the special "Hesder" program for orthodox soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, experiences profound loneliness while he conceals from others that he...more >

I'm Ready

2009 Drama | 15
The special relationship between an elderly father and his Down syndrome son breaks down when the father's memory begins to fail due to the onset of Alzheimer disease. The collapse of their stable...more >

The French Revolution

2015 Drama | 20
A noisy disturbance from some youths on the street erupts into Noni and Tamar’s home, shattering their evening. The violence that ensues raises questions for both of them about fear and ethics,...more >

Home Made

2017 Drama | 13
Just as Helena is about to end another dreary day in the restaurant where she works, and return home to celebrate her fiftieth birthday with her husband, a stranger enters and orders a meal.....more >


Full of Life

2007 Drama | 15
Twelve-year-old Roni is sent by her mother to a weight-loss summer camp for fat children - the "Full of Life" camp. Roni, who is angry and rebellious, would normally find solace in the swimming pool...more >



2007 Drama | 17
During the Sabbath, 12-year-old Noa discovers that her parents are planning to divorce. In order to try and prevent this, and to protect her younger brother, Noa takes dramatic action which in the...more >


Without Sugar (Sugarless)

2005 Drama | 10
On the eve of his bar mitzva while busying himself with last-minute errands and fitting in a final practice of his Torah reading, Daniel goes out on his bike and is attacked by another child. When...more >
Narrative Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Producer / First AD, Editor