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.Isaac Sverdlov, 40 years old, married + 2, is a high-quality video and photograph editor 

.Isaac provides professional services in all fields of media – video photography and editing (image clips, lectures and conventions, documentaries, musical clips and after effects). Isaac is fluent in Hebrew, English and Russian


Seven Stories

2002 Documentary | 25
From an apartment block in the "Nahalat Shiva" neighborhood in Jerusalem, the director brings to the screen the many different stories of the residents, of whom she herself is one. The residents come...more >


Angels in the Jerusalem Skies

2004 Documentary | 25
Vera, a Russian immigrant painter, has completely changed her painting style since she arrived in Israel. In dialogue with the artist, the director, himself a Russian immmigrant, looks at the process...more >



2004 Drama | 18
The warm relationship between Mendel, an elderly Holocaust survivor, and his Filipino caretaker, Jose, is tested when Jose does not have a work permit and the police begin searching the neighborhood...more >
Narrative Director, Editor
phone: 050-4525552