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2004 Drama | 26
Michael, a dreamy ,sensitive 13 year old, is named after his uncle who fell in the Yom Kippur War. On the morning of Memorial Day he travels with his father and elder brother to Jerusalem, to...more >

Thy Face

2007 Documentary | 14
It's the summer of 2005 and in their little house in Homesh Yael and Nitay sing, cry and shout. Shortly, soldiers will come and evict them from their home as part of the Disengagement Plan. Two years...more >


A Woman Laughed

2002 Experimental | 19
The Biblical Sarah and Michal, both women who laughed, confront their infertility. One bears a child, the other remains barren. Three women directors bring to the screen a powerful and poetic female...more >



2001 Drama | 16
It is Passover eve, a few hours before the festival is due to begin. The famous Israeli football team Maccabi Tel Aviv is due to play the semi final against Barcelona. Rubi, a divorced 45 year old...more >