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Mousseiyoff 9

1999 Documentary | 23
Everyday, at about 11 o’clock in the morning, next to Shlomo’s Felafel stand in the Bukharim neighborhood, a queue forms. Almost everyone here knows everyone, and everyone knows Hanna. This is the...more >

The Orthodox Way

2004 Drama | 25
Eli, who is single, goes out on a blind date to please his aunt. But everything that could possibly go wrong, does, and Eli and his date spend a bizarre evening driving around the streets of...more >

A Shabbos Mother

2005 Drama | 32
Three sisters who were raised in an Orthodox home —a radio broadcaster who is now secular, a modern orthodox woman in her ninth month of pregnancy, and an ultra-orthodox woman struggling to conceive...more >

Sister of Mine

2012 Drama | 25
Like all young ultra-orthodox girls, Ruchi, the favorite daughter of a Jerusalem family, dreams of becoming a wife and mother. But the fact that Ruchi's younger sister has Down's syndrome makes Ruchi...more >

The Ranch

2004 Drama | 22
David is the owner of a ranch in a remote settlement that will soon be evacuated by the army. He has already experienced eviction from the Sinai in 1982, and this time he has decided to give in...more >


2012 Drama | 22
Uri, a young officer, together with two soldiers under his command, is manning a checkpoint. Two women from the "Watch” organization are filming events at the checkpoint. Uri receives an order to...more >


2004 Drama | 18
The warm relationship between Mendel, an elderly Holocaust survivor, and his Filipino caretaker, Jose, is tested when Jose does not have a work permit and the police begin searching the neighborhood...more >

Evacuation Order

2001 Drama | 16
On a little hilltop in the Samarian hills, a pretty young settler lives alone in her caravan. A man and woman soldier are sent to inform her that the caravan is illegal and is being dismantled. The...more >

Pop 30

2019 Drama | 18
Mika’s boyfriend Nati puts an end to the relationship when Mika proposes marriage. Mika moves back home and becomes addicted to the ATARI video game still sitting in her childhood bedroom. But going...more >


Doda Diya

2000 Documentary | 25
I’ve been living with my aunt (Doda) Diya for six months now and that’s what she says every time I complain I’m a penniless student. Doda Diya, a widow who leads a simple life, had waited 40 years to...more >