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Shira Billig / Alumni


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Never Locked

2018 Documentary | 17
Eitan, a 16 year old living in the settlement of Amona, builds a stone house that becomes a hangout and shelter for friends and strangers alike. In the summer of 2016, when th Amona settlement is...more >


Point of View

2019 Drama | 18
Alex (30) dreams of being a famous photographer and in the meantime photographs walls in the street. One day he accidentally finds himself taking pictures of a crime scene. Zada (45) is sent by the...more >

Give it Back!

2019 Drama | 15
Olivia is a 12 year old immigrant from New York. She is trying to find her place in the new world she just landed in, Israeli society. Instantly she connects with Alem, an Ethiopian boy who sits next...more >


Pop 30

2019 Drama | 18
Mika’s boyfriend Nati puts an end to the relationship when Mika proposes marriage. Mika moves back home and becomes addicted to the ATARI video game still sitting in her childhood bedroom. But going...more >


A Pain in the Neck

2017 Drama | 7
The weekend before their wedding, Shai & Yaara are driving to her parents' home for a visit. To save time they take a shortcut through the desert, where new landscapes are unexpectedly revealed...more >
Narrative Director, Documentary Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Producer / First AD, Editor