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The Maaleh Film School maintains a library of 200+ films, produced as graduate projects. The films address the depth and complexity of life in Israel and Jewish identity, examining the daily challenges facing its citizens, defense forces, minorities and outsiders.  These short (15-30 minute) dramas and documentaries are a priceless, cultural and educational resource suitable for communal programs worldwide. The films are used as "triggers" for conferences, panel discussions, workshops and classroom presentations, promoting a dynamic and authentic dialogue with Israelis and communities around the world.

All Maaleh films are subtitled in English.  Many are also available with subtitles in French, Spanish and Russian.

The films are suitable for teen and adult audiences.


Options and fees for using Maaleh movies

 FILM RENTAL (option 1)

 Maaleh films can be rented for private and public screenings (where participants are not charged for the screening).  Rental fees –per film - are based on length of access to the film as follows:

Up to 4 days:  $3.50

1 month:   $28

6 months:  $60

1 year:  $120

2 years:  $200

During the rental period, the films are available for direct viewing as well as remote viewing without limit on number of users or location(s) of individual viewers.


Advantages to Renting Films:

* During the rental period, the films are accessible through any internet connected device.

* Instructors and/or presenters can assign film(s) for viewing before and after the class or presentation.

* Pricing is set low to allow use of a variety of movies.

* Single payment for multiple films simplifies the process.

* Payment may be made by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or check.

* Administrator can allocate a film rental budget to individual instructors or presenters.

* Total film rental budget is pre-set controlled by the institution.

* An institution that has not used its total film rental budget purchase budget,  will be charged only for actually usage.

Films rented in this framework (option 1) may not be screened as part of an event in which admission fees are charged.


FILM PURCHASE (option 2)

Purchase a film for permanent use (download) is available for institutions that intend to make regular and repeated use of the film.  This may be the economical option if the same  film is screened at an annual event or if a film is used regularly in a course or as part of a curriculum, etc.

Download to Own Fees per film:

$ 250 for a license to store film on an institutional server

$ 300 per license for public screening, where entrance fees are charged

$ 350 for an integrated license for public screening and storage on an institutional server



Institutions can invite a young director, a Maaleh graduate or a representative of the school to screen films and give lectures and/or lead discussion in communities and conferences. Multiple events, and when possible in different locations, can be coordinated in an effort to reduce the costs to a single institution.

At times, a Maaleh representative, participating in a film festival or conference outside of Israel, may be available for additional presentations.  Watch for details in the Maaleh Newsletter or be in touch with Einat.






As an on-going gift, Maaleh allows free access to  the "Film of the Month" which is found on  the homepage of the Maaleh Website The film changes every month.


​In Israel

For film events at The Maaleh Visitor Center, in Jerusalem's city center, click here.