A Walled Garden


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Efrat, a religious woman who grew up in the secular world, is married to a young rabbi and raising three small daughters. Curiosity draws her to the walled garden of the St. Clare monastery in Jerusalem, where befriends a number of the nuns there and tries to get a sense of the women they are under their severe black and white dress, their faith and their life's mission. 
Then, a dramatic and unforeseen event changes Efrat's life irreversibly. After a year of absence she returns to the monastery, hungry for the spiritual calm she sought there in the first place.
A gentle story of women reaching out to one another across an almost unbridgeable gap of age, history, culture and religion.

Director: Efrat Cohen
Producer: Orit Ben Hur-Raz
Cinematographer: Amos Giles
Screenings & Prizes

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival July 23 2015