Daddy Bird


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Tomer is 8 years old. His father, Eli, is an air-force pilot. Eli and his friends know  how to fly airplanes, how to navigate by the stars, and how to fight in the air. This is the stuff of bedtime stories, and Eli is the best storyteller in the world.  One day Eli comes home from work and is no longer a pilot.  But only Tomer knows the big secret – his father can fly without the help of airplanes or friends.

Director: Eliav Mason
Producer: Eliraz Shohat
Screenwriter: Eliav Mason
Oded Leopold , Omer Peretz Ben-Asher , Lana Ettinger , Shay Egozi
Screenings & Prizes

International Film Festival, Haifa Israel 2010
Nashville Film Festival, USA 2011

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