71 Square Meters


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Surprising memories from the parents' house before it is demolished

Sometimes you have to leave in order to come back. You have to forget in order to remember.  Chezi goes to his deceased parents' house the day before the bulldozers will raze it to the ground.  It is the last 24 hours: 24 hours to remember his mother, his father, Bjorn Borg, an old Mezuza.

Director: Eliran Malka
Producer: Hadas Dissen
Screenwriter: Eliran Malka
Cinematographer: Eli Singer
Uri Gabriel , Meir Asraf , Miki Peleg , Miki Kam , Asaf Cohen , Sinai Peter
Screenings & Prizes

The Audience Favorite, International Student Film Festival, Tel Aviv 2010
First Prize for short drama, Religion Today Film Festival, Trento Italy 2011
CrossRoads International Film Festival, Mississippi, USA