The Orthodox Way


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Eli, who is single, goes out on a blind date to please his aunt. But everything that could possibly go wrong, does, and Eli and his date spend a bizarre evening driving around the streets of Jerusalem.
A romantic comedy about dating the orthodox way.

Director: Ilan Eshkoli
Screenwriter: Ilan Eshkoli
Cinematographer: Moshe Huri
Editor: Ilan Eshkoli
Ronen Yiftach, Shelley Feldman
Screenings & Prizes

Judges Prize, Ma'aleh Graduation Ceremony 2003
Special Prize, Jewish Film Festival, Gerona Spain 2004
First Prize, Haifa Film Festival 2004
First Prize, Students category, Israeli Film Festival, NY LA 2004


New Center for Arts & Culture, Boston USA 2010
Jewish Film Festival, Toronto Canada 2004
Jewish Student Film Festival, Montreal Canada 2004
Israeli Film Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia 2004
Israeli Film Festival, NY LA 2004
Gerona Film Festival, Spain 2004
Haifa Film Festival Israel 2004
Mishkoltz Festival, Hungary 2004
Jewish Film Festival, Palm Beach USA 2004
Student Film Festival, Helsinky Finland 2005
Jewish Film Festival, Argentina 2005
Jewish Film Festival, Viena, Austria 2005
Jewish Film Festival, Jackson Minnesota USA 2009
Jewish Film Festival, San Diego USA 2010


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