Sister of Mine


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Like all young ultra-orthodox girls, Ruchi, the favorite daughter of a Jerusalem family, dreams of becoming a wife and mother. But the fact that Ruchi's younger sister has Down's syndrome makes Ruchi an undesirable match, and in the end Ruchi's parents take desperate and ethically questionable measures to marry her off. With all family members complicit in forcing Ruchi to buy into a miserable marriage, only her special needs sister sustains her with innocence and love.

Director: Oshrat Meirovitch
Producer: Oshrat Meirovitch
Screenwriter: Oshrat Meirovitch
Cinematographer: Moshe Huri
Liat Azar, Liat Yeselzon, Zohar Cahanov, Meir Or
Screenings & Prizes

Jewish  Film Festival, Boston November 2012
Religion Today Film Festival, Trento Italy October 2012
Jewish Film Festival, Boston November 2012
Women Film Festival Rehovot Israel 2012
Nice Film Festival France 2013

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