Cohen's Wife


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*Adult Subject Matter
After being raped by a stranger, a young ultra-orthodox woman awaits a Rabbinical decision about whether or not her husband should divorce her.  Jewish law states that "If the wife of a Cohen (descendant of a priest) is raped, she is forbidden to her husband." 
Cohen's Wife is a provocative modern day portrait of a couple torn between religious law and marital devotion.

Director: Nava Nussan Hefetz
Screenwriter: Nava Nussan Hefetz
Emuna Zvi, Omer Koren, Esti Svidenski, Gal Sarid
Screenings & Prizes

Second Prize, Students Film Festival, Postdam Germany 2001
Best Short Film, Religion Today Film Festival, Italy 2002
Audience Favorite Prize, Westchester USA 2003

International Film Festival, Jerusalem, Wolgin Contest 2000 
Montpelier Festival, France 2000
Jewish Miami Film Festival 2000
Chicago Jewish Film Festival 2000
"Gold Lion" Film Festival, Taipe Taiwan 2000
Portland Jewish Film Festival USA 2001
Israeli Film Festival NY, LA, Miami 2001
Barcelona Jewish Film Festival, Spain 2001
Illinoies Students Film Festival USA 2001
Women Film Festival Rehovot Israel 2012