A Little Bit Different


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Chava, an ultra-orthodox young woman, called off her engagement a year ago. Now a new match has been suggested for her. The introduction is made, but Chava experiences a sharp disappointment. Can she put aside her prejudices to give love a chance to grow?

Screenwriter: Racheli Sheinfeld Gadot
Cinematographer: Aurital Maizel Bitton
Editor: Rivka Imbar
Elianne Duval, Oren Zelzer, Libia Chachmon, David Abramson
Screenings & Prizes

Jerusalem Film Festival 2004
Toronto Jewish Film Festival Canada 2004
Israeli Friends Film Festival, Bratislava Slovakia 2004
Montreal Jewish Film Festival Canada 2004
Religion Today Film Festival, Trento Italy 2004
Jewish Film Festival London 2004
Lodge Student Film Festival Poland 2004
Student Film Festival Pristine Kosovo 2004