Fragments of a Dream


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"Fragments of a Dream” is a futuristic drama about a religious family living in Judea-Samaria in a period when the fate of the settlements is uncertain. The film expresses the changes occurring in the lives of the protagonists, in the relations between them and in their outlooks. Questions are raised of belief and identity in Jewish life, in relation to the State of Israel as the beginning of the Messianic era, as opposed to the post-Zionist era.

Director: Yakov Friedland
Screenwriter: Yakov Friedland
Yair Nesher , Pira Kantor , Ilan Nov
Screenings & Prizes


Citation by the Israeli Association of Film Directors, 1995

Second Prize for Fiction Films, Magnes Jewish Video Competition, Berkeley 1997



Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, Israel 1996

Magnes Jewish Video Competition, Berkeley 1997

Boston Jewish Film Festival, USA, November 1998


Public Screenings:

Cambridge University, England, November 1998
London, England, December 1998.