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Uri, a young officer, together with two soldiers under his command, is manning a checkpoint. Two women from the "Watch” organization are filming events at the checkpoint. Uri receives an order to close the checkpoint because of a bomb threat, and tension rises as an ambulance carrying a sick child arrives from a Palestinian village. Uri's choices will either save or sacrifice people's lives.  

Director: Golan Rise
Producer: Ohad Domb
Screenwriter: Golan Rise
Cinematographer: Moshe Huri
Ori Lachmi, Roi Asaf, Meirav Gruber, Anton Ostrovsky
Screenings & Prizes

First Prize for Live-Action Shorts - Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2013
First Prize for Short Drama - Jerusalem Film Festival 2011
Best Film Intercultural Dialogue" at the International Munich Film Festival.


Jerusalem Film Festival 2011
Munich International Students Film Festival 2012
Aspen, Colorado Jewish Film Festival 2012
Louisville KT Jewish Film Festival February 2013
San Diego Jewish Film Festival 2013

Baltimore Jewish Film Festival 2014

Miami Beach Film Festival 2018 - Best Student Drama


Movie Comments

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