I'm Ready


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The special relationship between an elderly father and his Down syndrome son breaks down when the father's memory begins to fail due to the onset of Alzheimer disease.
The collapse of their stable and happy routine force upon the two a painful resolution of their problems.


Director: Esther Siton-Katz
Screenwriter: Esther Siton-Katz
Cinematographer: Amir Sheinbaum
Avinoam Mor Chaim, Moshe Gottleib
Screenings & Prizes


First Prize, Jewish Film Festival, Athens Georgia USA 2011


Jewish Film Festival Miami 2009

Israel Film Festival New York 2009

Festival for Special Needs Actors, Jerusalem 2009

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival 2010

Moscow Special Needs Film Festival 2010

Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival 2010 

Jewish Film Festival, Toronto Canada 2011

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Behind the Scenes: