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A lonely woman makes an unexpected connection with two strangers

Just as Helena is about to end another dreary day in the restaurant where she works, and return home to celebrate her fiftieth birthday with her husband, a stranger enters and orders a meal... Something about him rekindles Helena's desire for human warmth and connection. 
Soon enough the two of them are joined by a neglected little boy whom Helena saves from a street fight outside the restaurant. In this way a fragile fantasy family is built for three people whose alternative lives whisper inside them.


Director: Shira Meishar
Producer: Lihi Sabag
Screenwriter: Shira Meishar
Cinematographer: Arik Kaufman
יבגניה דודינה, יואב חיט,
Screenings & Prizes

Tel Aviv Student Film Festival Israel 2017 - Best Script

Palm Springs Short Film Festival USA 2017

LongShort Film Festival Israel 2017 - Best Film

44th Student Academy Awards USA - Semi-finalist 2017

Cinequest Film Festival San Jose USA 2018

21st Annual Sonoma International Film Festival, USA 2018

Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival Tel Aviv, Israel 2018

Festival du Cinema Israelien de Montreal, Canada2018

KibbutZurich Arts Festival Swtizerland 2018

Beer Sheva Short Film Festival 2018

39th Durban International Film Festival 2018

Jersey Shore Film Festival USA 2018



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