Girl at Risk


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A young woman doing her National Service at a high school attempts to help a student in crisis and finds she is way out of her depth.

19 year old Shira is doing her National Service at a high school. Annoyed that she has been given no serious responsibilities, she attempts to help a 14 year old student in crisis, and is forced to pay a price for her naivety.

Director: Raaya Vardi Tabul
Screenwriter: Raaya Vardi Tabul
Cinematographer: Amir Sheinbaum
Editor: Lihi Sabag
Lihi Avramson, Orian Avraham, Nava Bedina, Merav Gruber, Shira Kahana
Additional Crew
Sound Design: Sharon Shama
Original Music: Sharon Shama
Screenings & Prizes


Jersey Shore Film Festival USA August 2018

Festival du Cinema Israelien de Montreal May 2018

Montreal Feminist Film Festival May 2018

Independent Women's Festival USA April 2018

Los Angeles Women's Film Festival March 2018

Warsaw Jewish Film Festival Nov 2017

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