My Father's Son


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A loving and symbiotic relationship between a father and son is tested when the son tries to make a life of his own

A shy 36 year old man lives together with his charismatic and elderly father in a small apartment. Together they pursue a religious, frugal way of life and rarely seek the company of others. But the loving, symbiotic relationship between them is put to the test when the son makes tentative steps towards finding a marriage partner.


Director: Hillel Rate
Producer: Hillel Rate
Screenwriter: Hillel Rate
Cinematographer: Hillel Rate
Editor: Sapir Rokach
Additional Crew
Director: Hillel Rate
Producer: Hillel Rate
Script: Hillel Rate
Director of Photography: Hillel Rate
Editor: Sapir Rolach
Sound Design: Mitch Clyman
Original Music: Dor Madmon
Screenings & Prizes


Maaleh Graduation Awards 2018 - Best Documentary

First Prize, Best Student Documentary, DocAviv Film Festival 2018

Tel Aviv Student Film Festival 2018

American Documentary Film Festival and Film Fund (Amdocs) 2019

Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival, Canada 2019

Norwegian International Documentary Film Festival (DOKFILM), Norway, 2019

Moscow Jewish Film Festival, 2019 Best Documentary Short, 2019

Diversions International Short Film Festival, Croatia, 2019

20th Mediterranean Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2019

Two Riversides Film & Arts Festival, Poland 2019

The Religion Today Film Festival, Italy, 2019 - Best Documentary Short Award

Prague (KONOA) Israeli Film Festival, Czech republic, 2019

 International Short Documentary Film Festival Leeuwarden, Netherlands 2019

25th Astra Documentary Film Festival, Romania, 2019 - Best Doumentary Award, DocSchool Category

Girona Film Festival, Spain 2019

Minsk International Film Festival, Belarus, 2019

Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, Poland 2019

Baku Internatonal Short Film Festival, Azerbaijan 2019. Best Documentary Film Director Award,

Kathmandu Mountain Film Festival, Nepal 2019

Ekaterinburg Jewish Film Festival, Russian Federation, 2020

St. Petersburg Jewish Film Festival, Russian Federation, 2020

ZLIN International Film Festival for Chidlren & Youth, Czech Republic, 2020

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