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Children’s TV star Shmelky the Jewish Puppet experiences a crisis of confidence.

Children's TV star Shmelky the Jewish Puppet comes to the realization that he wants to make a change and become a serious, respected theater actor. After his dream doesn't go as planned he embarks on a journey of self discovery.  

Director: Raanan Rosenbaum
Producer: Lihi Sabag
Screenwriter: Raanan Rosenbaum
Cinematographer: Baruch Rosenstein
Editor: David Tauber
Dotan Elad, Idan Amit, Lior Naor
Additional Crew
Sound Design: Mitch Clyman
Original Music: Mitch Clyman
Screenings & Prizes

Audience Choice Award, Maaleh Gradution Ceremony 2018

Nashville Jewish Film Festival 2018 - First Prize, Best Student Film

Best Shorts Film Festival La Jolla, USA 2018

Louisville Jewish Film Festival 2019

Festival du Cinema Israelien de Montreal, 2019

Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, 2019

Moscow Jewish Film Festival, 2019

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