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Almost Liam


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Before leaving for Germany where he will undergo irreversible surgery, Liam reflects on his previous female identity.

Raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, Liam came out as transgender while he was serving as a woman soldier in the IDF. In this film, which includes his private videos documenting some of the most profound changes that he undergoes in body and mind, Liam reflects on his journey and takes leave of his family before emigrating to Germany, where he will undergo irreversible surgery.

Director: Sapir Rokach
Producer: Sapir Rokach
Screenwriter: Sapir Rokach
Cinematographer: Sapir Rokach
Additional Crew
Editor: Yair Menachem Ariel
Screenings & Prizes

Haifa Film Festival, Israel 2018


American Documentary Film Festival 2019

Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival 2019

Tel Aviv LGBTQ festival, TLVFest, 2019

Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival 2019

Berlin Jewish Film Festival 2019

Girona Film Fesitval, Spain 2019

Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival 2019

San Diego Jewish Film Festival 2019

Warsaw Jewish Film Festival 2019 - First Prize, Best DOcumentary Short

Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, USA 2020

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