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A Pain in the Neck


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An engaged couple encounter more than they bargained for when their car breaks down in the desert.

The weekend before their wedding, Shai & Yaara are driving to her parents' home for a visit. To save time they take a shortcut through the desert, where new landscapes are unexpectedly revealed to them.

Director: Shira Billig
Producer: Benny Snyder
Screenwriter: Shira Billig
Cinematographer: Aner Tausig
Editor: Shira Billig
Shai Barak Biton, Yaya Yael Sztulman
Additional Crew
Original Music: Mitch Clyman
Screenings & Prizes

Short and Sweet Film Festival, Philippines, 2017

Five Continents International Film Festival, Uruguay, 2017

Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Spain, 2017

Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival, 2017

Our Voices Film Festival, Canada, 2017

Miami Independent Film Festival, 2017

Los Angeles Cinefest, USA, 2018

Longshort Film Festival, Israel, 2018

UK Jewish Film Festival, 2018

Director's Circle of Shorts Festival, USA, 2018



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