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11 minutes

2015 Drama |
Hagai Adorian
A military ambulance is called to evacuate a seriously wounded young soldier and bring him to a helicopter pad where he will be taken to hospital. Aboard the ambulance is a staff of three young...
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2003 Documentary |
Katie Green
Two Jewish boys and two Muslim boys are sharing a room at a boarding school in Jerusalem. All are 16 years old . David, from an orthodox Jewish home, wants to give up religion. Mohammad, a...
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71 Square Meters

2010 Drama |
Eliran Malka
Sometimes you have to leave in order to come back. You have to forget in order to remember. Chezi goes to his deceased parents' house the day before the bulldozers will raze it to the ground. It is...
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782 Until Further Notice

2001 Documentary |
Naama Marinberg
My cousin Yifat, her husband Yedidia and their three little boys live on a remote mountain, 782 meters above sea level, in the West Bank. The nearest Jewish settlement, Itamar, is 15 minutes away...
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A Bridal Breeze

1998 Drama |
Shmuel Edelman
Aya, a dedicated kibbutz girl, drives everybody crazy the day before her wedding. Will it be windy, or rainy or both? Assistants run back and forth with chairs and tables, trying to please her every...
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A Jerusalem Tale

2007 Drama |
Tehila Wiesenberg-Kaiser
Lazer and Baila Hirsch, an older orthodox couple who have emigrated to Israel from America, struggle with financial hardship and general misfortune. Lazer, a Bretzlav Hassid, finds that his capacity...
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A Little Bit Different

2004 Drama |
Racheli Sheinfeld Gadot
Chava, an ultra-orthodox young woman, called off her engagement a year ago. Now a new match has been suggested for her. The introduction is made, but Chava experiences a sharp disappointment. Can she...
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A Pain in the Neck

2017 Drama |
Shira Billig
The weekend before their wedding, Shai & Yaara are driving to her parents' home for a visit. To save time they take a shortcut through the desert, where new landscapes are unexpectedly revealed...
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A Place from Afar

1994 Documentary |
Yakov Friedland
Four Jews, the ones going up at this time and this mitzva, to The Temple Mount. One of the people who ascends is the director himself. This certainly this gives the film a personal characteristic and...
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A Pure Prayer

2000 Drama |
Sara Beck Dor
It is nearly Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement), and the synagogue is still short of a tenth man to make up the quorum for communal prayer. Schwartzman has no idea what to do. Rosa, his wife, has a...
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