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In Silence

2011 Drama |
Tom Dadon-MIshaly
Tamar, a well adjusted 17-year old from a happy home, is raped at the religious girls' high school where she is a student. She becomes withdrawn and hostile, mystifying her parents who assume that...
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Inside Outside

2015 Drama |
Shira Meishar
Late at night, a young woman finds herself accidentally locked in a public facility where she has stopped to do a pregnancy test. Rescue comes from an unexpected quarter and allows the woman to view...
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2019 Documentary |
Noah Anikster Oren
Noa’s prayers are full of questions. In an attempt to make her peace with some of them, Noa befriends two young women, a Christian and a Moslem, who are also Jerusalem residents. The three explore...
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Internal Medicine

2020 Drama |
Rinat Sharaby
Keren arrives at the hospital where her father lies dying. Their relationship has been full of conflict and there has been no communication between them for years. Sitting by the bedside, Keren feels...
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It Happened After the Spring

2001 Documentary |
Menora Katzover Hazoni
"In the Spring I bought myself a camera. The whole of our settlement was in bloom right then, so I filmed butterflies and flowers. But then everything changed, and there were other things to film."...
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Jephtah's Daughter

1997 Drama |
Einat Kapach
The year is 1984. Several members of a Jewish family are making their way on foot through the desert from Ethiopia to Sudan, where a plane is waiting to take them to Israel. When the family is...
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2003 Documentary |
Michal Brunschwig Levi
Michal the director who lives in Israel, was born in Switzerland. Her father is a 4th generation resident of the city of Basle. Her mother, originally from Uruguay, settled in Basle after living in...
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2006 Drama |
Keren Hakak
Liat, a young woman from a traditional home, seeks independence and a new identity while she fixes up her rooftop apartment in Jerusalem. Liat has left home partly to distance herself from the heavy...
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Keeper of the Covenant

2010 Drama |
Yosef Noble
Matan's Bar Mitzva is two days away, the day he will become a man. For the past few months he was been disturbed by erotic dreams. Matters are made worse when Matan turns to a website for advice.
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Keren Or (A Ray of Light)

2017 Documentary |
Lihi Sabag
Michal, herself raised in a harsh socio-economic reality, has been a single parent to her baby daughter, Keren Or, since she was seventeen. Against the depressing background of the housing projects...
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