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"My Father's Son" accepted to Hot Docs Canada

20/3 16:15

Hillel Rate's documentary short "My Father's Son" has been accepted to the presitigious Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival of... more >

"Terror" accepted to Brussels Short Film Festival 2019

20/3 16:15

Yonatan Shehoah's film "Terror," starring Israeli actors Tzahi HaLevi and Hilal Kaboub, has been accepted to the Brussels Short Film Festival,... more >

"Sushi, Meatballs and Everything" a finalist at Gala Award night, Robinson Shorts Competition.

20/3 16:15

The judges of the Robinson Shorts International Short Film Competition have chosen seven finalists out of over 100 films submitted, to screen at... more >

"Miriam" accepted to Edmonton Jewish Film Festival

20/3 16:00

The first year "short short" by Shulamit Lifshitz has been accepted to the Edmonton Jewish Film Festival, Canada. The festival will take place 21-... more >

"The Youngest" accepted to the Wegiel and Chelkino film festivals

20/3 16:00

The narrative short "The Youngest" by Rachel Eitzur has been accepted to the Wegiel Student Film Festival of Katowice, Poland (11-12 April 2019)... more >

"The Youngest", "Shmil", "Shmelky" and "Oshri" accepted to Le festival du Cinema Israelien de Montreal, Canada

27/2 15:30

The films "The Youngest" by Rachel Elitzur, "Shmil" by Baruch Rosenstein, "Shmelky" by Raanan Rosenstein and "Oshri" by Lihi Sabag have all been... more >


7/2 17:00

The following newly released short films and their creators were awarded prizes at the 2019 Maaleh Graduation Ceremony on 31.1.19:

Mayor of... more >

"My Father's Son" and "Almost Liam" accepted to AmDocs.

31/1 18:15

"My Father's Son" by Hillel Rate and "Almost Liam" by Sapir Rokach have been accepted to the American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs,... more >

"Terror" to open at Cinequest San Jose, Thursday March 14th.

30/1 15:00

"Terror" by Yonatan Shehoah will be participating in the Student Competition of Cinequest San Jose in March.

... more >

"Terror", "Shmelky", "Raphael" and "Sushi, Meatballs & Everything" have been accepted to the Jewish Film Festival of Louisville, Kentucky, USA

20/12 9:15

"Terror" by Yonatan Shehoah, "Shmelky" by Raanan Rosenbaum, "Raphael" by Aner Tausig and "Sushi, Meatballs & Everything" by Liel Gur have all... more >