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Do you give scholarships?
Yes, but not for everyone. At the beginning of the year the student will complete a fellowship application. During the year, Maaleh's Fellowships Committee will decide which students will be granted a fellowship. The decisions are based on (a) economic need and (b) success of the student in his/her studies.
There are also fellowship opportunities for students who are learning simultaneously at Maaleh and  Beit Berl Collage.

Is it possible to learn acting?
Maaleh does not teach acting, but the students do have courses in directing actors, acting in front of the camera, building a character, etc.
Does Maale grant academic degrees?
Since 2010, Maaleh has worked in cooperation with Beit Berl Collage which offers a  teacher degree (B.Ed) for students in   cinema studies. The course is 3-4 years with classes meeting once a week. Maaleh and Beit Berl will give fellowships to some of these students, and waive tuition for those with grades of at least 630 on the psychometry exams. For more details please contact Orit Serbi at Beit Berl 09-7478701 or by email: orits@beitberl@ac.il

How many class days are there each week?
During years 1 & 2 the classes are 3 days a week. The rest of the week is dedicated to academic studies at Beit Berl College. In the 3rd year, classes take place 2 days a week and the third day is for elective courses. In the 4th year there are no formal classes and the time is dedicated to editing the final film and completing missing courses.

Is there work in this field?
Yes. most of Maaleh graduates are involved in the Telvision and Cinema industry as writers, directors, photographers, editors, researchers, etc. Many of the graduates also work as teachers of Cinema and Communication in many institutions. Those who complete an academic degree from Beit Berl Collage will find it easier to become employed as a teacher. 

How much is the tuition?
14000 NIS for full track, 5000 NIS for script writing track.
300 NIS must be paid every year for program fees

How many years for each track/course?
4 years for full track and 2 years for the script writing track.

How many days per week are classes held?
3 days for the full track and 1 day for the script writing track.