Ultra-Orthodox Women's Track


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A Vocational Film Production Course Designed for Ultra-Orthodox Women 

The track for Hareidiot (Ultra-Orthodox women) at Ma'aleh offers two options in the creative and challenging field of filmmaking.

The courses are taught at a high, professional level by outstanding instructors from the industry, in an atmosphere tailored to the Halachic (Jewish Law) and cultural needs of these students.

The program opens new economic opportunities, allowing women to earn a living through filmmaking and vidoe production in accordance with their individual styles and world views.


Option 1: Film Directing and Production:

Photography and video, research and production, editing, directing for documentary, sound and lighting, music for films, promotional videos for organizations, event videos, media and fil clips.

Also included are classes in small business development and management, including budgeting, grant writing, internet, marketing, taxes, pricing, and copyright protection.


This is a one-year intensive training course with classes held on Sundays and Wednesdays 9 am – 4:15 pm.


Option 2: Writing and Scriptwriting (an advanced course)* includes:


Creative writing; scriptwriting for short films, features and television series; writing dialogue; directing dramas; directing actors and playwriting.

This is a two-year course with classes meeting on Tuesdays, 9am -8pm.


*Option 2 is appropriate for graduates of Option 1 or women with background in photography and editing that must be demonstrated before being accepted.



For more information or to register:  Rachel at 02.5476297 or rachel@maale.co.il