Ultra-Orthodox Women's Track


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Experience  Professionalism Vocational Training Women Only

The Track for Ultra-Orthodox Women at Maaleh offers a unique curriculum for specializing in cinematography, filmmaking, photography, writing, directing, production, and editing.  The program is conducted at the highest professional level, separately for women only.

Classes are held weekly with one intensive day of study (Sunday), for two years. The curriculum is both broad and practical providing tools and training that lead to employment and the ability to earn a living from filmmaking in various forms - family films, public relations (advertising) films, event videos and clips. The course includes practical training and exercises - from writing the script to producing a film.


Experience and Professionalism

The Maaleh Film School was established over 30 years and specializes in training filmmakers. Maaleh graduates’ films are highly regarded and successful all over the world.

Maaleh has a large and spacious screening auditorium and classrooms equipped with top flight equipment. The students have access to state-of-the-art editing rooms and a warehouse of advanced photography equipment for their use to complete the film exercises during their studies and for the final graduation project.

The school is housed in an historic Jerusalem building near the Mea Shearim neighborhood. It is very close to the city center and accessible by public transportation.


Learning Environment

Classes take place in a Torah atmosphere, in a distinct women’s only campus in the center of Jerusalem. The teaching staff and the course content are supervised and adapted to the Ultra-Orthodox audience. The curriculum is presented in a pleasant, cooperative, social atmosphere that aids the learning process.


For whom it is suitable?

The Track for Hareidi Women at Maaleh is suitable for women (over the age of 18) who want to study filmmaking-related professions in a Torah atmosphere, with intensity and commitment, at an uncompromising professional level. No previous experience is required.


What did students get out of it?

During their studies, the students learn and gain practical experience in the professions in the field of cinema, with an attentive and respectful teaching staff who promote professional development, providing each student with individual guidance. Each graduate receives a certificate of completion and enters the job market with 2 short films - one documentary and one feature film- that she created during her studies.



The course curriculum is extensive and varied. It includes: directing, still photography, videography, editing, scriptwriting, cinematic expression, creative writing, research, media, PR films, sound and sound design.

In the first year, the students specialize in writing a script and directing a short documentary, and learn the basics of visual language, practical tools for photography, editing, sound and more.

In the second year, the students specialize in writing a script and directing a short feature film (drama), and study camera directing, directing actors, producing and managing a set, costume design, submitting funding proposals and more.


Registration and Open House

Open House(s) for 2022/3:

22 May 2022

24 July 2022

7 September 2022


Registration Process:

1. Complete the registration form and pay registration fee

2. Admission test

3. Personal interview


For more information or to register:  Hillel at 058-699-23-23 or Hillel@maale.co.il