VideoTherapy Workshops


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The Art of Healing Through Film  

The Maaleh Film School opened a VideoTherapy Center over 20 years ago pioneering a new therapeutic methodology.  It combines therapy with filmmaking tools, including writing, photography, editing, music, etc. VideoTherapy allow participants to address their stories, pains and challenges using this art form.  The Center's works with a variety of special populations, at-risk youth, the disabled, immigrants, victims of trauma, bereaved families, and others.


15 teens or adults who share a common challenge, meet weekly over the course of several months under the guidance of a Maaleh filmmaker and a professional therapist and supervisor.  During the workshop, participants create short, individual videos. As the culmination of the group therapy, participants write, direct and create a short film that tells their story. The workshops conclude with a screening of the film for family and friends. When participants agree, Maaleh shares the film with therapists, therapeutic groups and the general public.


Following Operation Protective Edge (Gaza 2014), Maaleh opened workshops for bereaved mothers, fathers and sisters. This is the film created by a group of bereaved fathers: 


Behind the scenes: 



In the aftermath of October 7th, it is clear that there will be scores, if not hundreds, of identifiable groups for whom VideoTherapy can be a key to their healing.

We are now preparing to open:

short-term workshops, 1 – 6 sessions  

full VideoTherapy workshops, 7 months 

Sessions will begin as soon as funding is secured and the time is appropriate therapeutically and logistically.

For information about the workshops contact:

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