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Leah Fleishman / Alumni


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Who is Coming to Daddy?

2011 Drama | 16
The Heart of the Desert. Two brothers decide to go on a snap line in the dessert, on their mother's memorial day. The presence of their father, who is waiting for them at the bottom of the hill, is...more >



2011 Drama | 18
The anticipated visit of their grandmother is ruining the life of a mother and her teenage daughter. When the electricity stops, and the flowers they ordered do not arrive, they need to draw closer...more >


Union Street

2013 Documentary | 30
A young activist who is also a filmmaker begins a personal campaign to elect the head of Histadrut Street, a small road in the center of Jerusalem. The very concept and the campaign disrupt the daily...more >
Narrative Director, Screenwriter, Producer / First AD, Editor