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Ayala Zamir Glick / Alumni


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New Years Resolution

2007 Drama | 15
*Adult Subject Matter On the eve of the Rosh HaShana festival, a 38-year-old single woman announces to her orthodox family that she plans to have a child by artificial insemination. The family...more >

As I Stand

2003 Experimental | 12
This film is not available through the website at this time.more >



2007 Drama | 17
During the Sabbath, 12-year-old Noa discovers that her parents are planning to divorce. In order to try and prevent this, and to protect her younger brother, Noa takes dramatic action which in the...more >

Army Dad

2006 Drama | 17
On the exact date that Gideon, a tough young officer in the IDF, needs to prepare his recruits for a parade, his wife decides to bring their 6-year-old son to the base and leave him there. The clash...more >