Yan's Tea House


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"Yan’s Tea House” is not just the place where I worked as a waitress. The place represented something that I had not previously encountered in Israeli society. There I came to know Dahar, the Palestinian owner, my boss. Sheivel, Dahar’s nephew, an accounting student and also a boss (head of shift). Farej, a Palestinian kitchen worker with an M.Sc. in mathematics. Ophir - an Israeli waiter and medical student, and Muhi (Muhammad) who attended school only until age 9, and this was already his sixth test.

There between the orders and the cooking, the pancakes and hot cider, we talked about politics and God, love and dreams. There I learned to think in a different way. There I made friends. Here I bring them to the screen in a film about a small place and dreams.

Screenings & Prizes


First Prize for the Short Documentary Film, "Neighbors” International Film Festival 1998, Haifa1998.Second Prize for Student Documentary Film, Israel Film Festival, New York 1999


"Neighbors” International Film Festival, Haifa 1998.

Israel Film Festival, Los Angeles 1998, New York 1999.

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