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Cheftzi On Air


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Chefzi is a radio broadcaster who offers romantic advice to her single,  female callers. One night, she decides to take her own advice, and proposes marriage on live radio to her boyfriend Yonatan. To Chefzi’s surprise, her theories don’t work in practice and her world begins to collapse.

Producer: Orit Ben Hur-Raz
Screenwriter: Dalit Eliraz-Ochana
Screenings & Prizes

First Prize for short film, Seoul Women Film Festival 2006
Promised Director, International Students Film Festival Tel Aviv 2006



International Students Film Festival, Saint Petersburg 2006
Can Festival, Homage to the Israeli Cinema 2006
International Film Festival, Warsaw Palland 2006
Israeli Film Festival NY 2006
International Students Film Festival, Tel Aviv 2006
International Jewish Film Festival (FICJA), Argentina 2006
Chicago Jewish Film Festival 2006

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