Saving Private Finkelstein


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Who would believe that the bite of a small dog would lead to the unfolding of a chain of events resulting in the discovery of Private Finkelstien's grave in a British War Ceremony in Israel?
Who is Finkelstein and why was he, a soldier with an obviously Jewish name, buried under the sign of a cross?  My father is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Director: Laizy Shapira
Screenings & Prizes

Best Documentary, Ma'aleh Graduating Ceremony 2001
Prize for Outstanding Director, Imperial War Museum, London 2002
Thirs Prize for Best Documentary, DocAviv 2002
Belgrade Student Film Festival 2001
Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2001
DocAviv DOcumentary Film Festival 2001
"The Message of Man" Film Festival St. Petersburg 2002
Karlovy-Vary Film Festival Czech Republic 2002