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The charismatic leader of a punk rock band, Ido is a talented musician, an outspoken teenager, and suddenly - devoutly religious.  Moving to the community of Beitar, he immerses himslef in Jewish study, while his family and friends try to cope with his dramamtic transformation.  Following Ido for a year, this film vividly expresses his inner growth- and the reactions of those in the secular world he has left behind.

Director: Gili Goldschmidt
Screenwriter: Gili Goldschmidt
Cinematographer: Gili Goldschmidt
Screenings & Prizes


Ma’ale School Award best film for 1998, presented by "Keshet”, the Israeli second channel.

Jury Mention Award, the 14th International Student Film Festival, Tel-Aviv 1998.


The 14th International Student Film Festival, Tel Aviv, June 1998.

The Jerusalem International Film Festival, Wolgin Competition, July 1998.

The 10th Boston Jewish Film Festival, November 1998.

The IDA Documentary Film Competition, Los Angeles, October 1998.

Israel Film Festival, Los Angeles 1998, New York 1999.

Bergen county Israeli Film Festival, New Jersey, March 1999.

Seattle Jewish Film Festival, Seattle, March 1999.

She-Suchte International Student Film Festival, Potsdam Germany, April 1999.

Magnes Jewish video competition, Berkely, U.S.A,1999


Public Screenings:

Flyherty International Documentary Film Seminar, Israel, October 1998.

Cambridge England, October 1998

London, December 1998.

Israel Art Museum, Jerusalem, March 1999.


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