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After her father dies, a young woman wants to take on his profession, but meets with opposition from everyone she knows.

Esther's father was a gravedigger who in his last will and testament left only one significant request: that one of his sons continue with his profession. None of his sons has the slightest interest in doing so. Esther is the only daughter in this traditional 'Sephardic' North African home, and embarks upon a struggle to carry on her father's legacy of humility and kindness over the objections of her family and community. 
A feminist film with a twist of graveyard humor. 

Director: Shira Gabay
Producer: Orit Laufer
Screenwriter: Shira Gabay
Cinematographer: David Atsmi
Editor: Hagai Adorian
Tamar Alkan-Meushar Shlomo Vishinsky
Additional Crew
Sound: Calanit Tayer
Sound: שלומי פופר
Sound Design: Mitch Clyman
Original Music: Karni Postel
Screenings & Prizes







Director's Circle of Shorts Festival (DCFS) PA, USA 2018

Jersey Shore Film Festival USA August 2018

Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival May 2018

Socially Relevant Film Festival NY, USA 2018

Montreal Feminist Film Festival Canada, May 2018

West Chester Film Festival PA, USA April 201  

Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival USA March 2018

Chicago Feminist Film Festival USA March 2018

23rd Seattle Jewish Film Festival USA March 2018

Peace on Earth Film Festival Chicago USA March 2018

Best Shorts International Film Competition December 2017 - Excellence Award

Warsaw Jewish Film Festival POLAND November 2017 - Award: Best Narrative Short

POFF (Formerly: Sleepwalkers) Student FIlm Festival, ESTONIA November 2017

Dublin Short Film & Music Festival, IRELAND October 2017

Bucharest ShortCut Film Festival, ROMANIA August 2017

Festival du Cinema Israelien de Montreal, CANADA, June 2017

Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, CANADA, May 2017

Toronto Jewish Film Festival, CANADA, May 2017

New York Sepjardic Film Festival April 2017

Dresden International Short Film Festival, GERMANY April 2017

"Through Women's Eyes"/Sarasota International Film Festival, USA April 2017

Israel Film Festival, Nice, FRANCE March 2017

Atanta Jewish Film Festival, USA February 2017

Women's Film Festival Tel Aviv ISRAEL, December 2016

Haifa Film Festival ISRAEL October 2016

Hollyshorts Film Festival Los Angles, USA August 2016

Ma'aleh Film School Graduating Ceremony January 2016: Mayor of Jerusalem Prize, Best Narrative Film;  Eliyahu Roichman Prize, Best Zionist film.

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