Sushi, Meatballs and Everything


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The road to meatballs is paved with good intentions.

A young woman has decided to stand up to her loving parents in law, once and for all.

Elat Hagage, Omer Rosezenblum, Liat Ben Ami, Yehuda Cohen
Additional Crew
Director: Liel Gur
Producer: Shir Eldad
Editors: Rinat Sharabi, Liel Gur
Cinematography: Hillel Klein
Original Music: Sapir Mattityahu
Screenings & Prizes

LongShort Film Festival Tel Aviv, ISRAEL, 2018, Second Prize

Near Nazareth Film Festival, ISRAEL 2018

Pittsburgh Jewish Film Festival, USA 2018

Louisville, KT Jewish Film Festival USA, 2019

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2019

Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, 2019

Greater Pheonix Jewish Film Festival, USA 2020: Second Prize, Student Film Competition

Denver Jewish Film Festival, USA 2020

Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, USA 2020

New Hampshire Jewish Film Festival, USA 2020

Austin Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2020




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