Gil Mezuman / Alumni


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By Way of the Wadi

2001 Documentary | 19
Ohad was murdered by terrorists at Wadi Qelt, a nature reserve of exceptional beauty and home to a nubmer of Christian monasteries, not far from Jerusalem. Five years later, the director Bilha...more >

Come Back Shulamit

2005 Drama | 19
On the way ot a fitting for her wedding dress, Shulamit is involved in a car accident which results in amnesia. Shulamit can remember nothing related to her fiance or to her upcoming wedding. The...more >


Sharks in the Galilee Sea

2000 Documentary | 22
The arguments at Bat Sheva's sewing class are getting more violent. The local elections make everybody hot-tempered. Who will be mayor? Zvika Cohen, the "Shas" representative who's been deputy mayor...more >
Documentary Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Producer / First AD