Yonatan Shehoah / Alumni


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2016 Drama | 14
Pretty young Yuval imprisons the man who once sexually assaulted her in her apartment. A dark and dramatic game ensues in which the outcome is less critical than Yuval's realization that, as a rape...more >

11 minutes

2015 Drama | 22
A military ambulance is called to evacuate a seriously wounded young soldier and bring him to a helicopter pad where he will be taken to hospital. Aboard the ambulance is a staff of three young...more >

Round 2

2017 Drama | 26
23 year old Adi is planning her big trip to South America. Just before her departure she is diagnosed with a recurrence of the leukemia she had as a child. But after being readmitted to hospital, Adi...more >


2018 Drama | 19
In the Israel of the nineties, Sami is the young son of Jewish Tunisian immigrants. Sami feels belittled by the attention lavished on his younger brother, Yudeh. One day the father insists that Sami...more >


2018 Drama | 15
Shmil's immature and arrogant behaviour gets him thrown out of the prestigious yeshiva where he has been studying. As the neighborhood prodigy, Shmil can't face up to his failure and uses...more >



2018 Drama | 17
Dan, who suffers from PTSD after bring wounded in a terrorist attack, finds himself thrown together with his Arab co-workers when multiple terror attacks hit Jerusalem again.more >
Narrative Director, Cinematographer