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A terror victim suffering from PTSD is a danger to himself and to his Arab co-workers.

Dan, who suffers from PTSD after bring wounded in a terrorist attack, finds himself thrown together with his Arab co-workers when multiple terror attacks hit Jerusalem again. 

Director: Yonatan Shehoah
Screenwriter: Yonatan Shehoah
Cinematographer: Hagai Adorian
Tzahi HaLevi, Hilal Kaboub
Additional Crew
Producer: Yair Menachem Ariel
Editor: Geffen Ariel
Screenings & Prizes

Haifa Film Festival, Israel 2018

FilmschoolFest Munchen, Germany 2018

Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2018

Utopia Film Festival, Israel 2018

Clermont Ferrand Film Festival, France 2019

Cinequest San Jose Film Festival, USA 2019

Louisville KT Jewish Film Festival, USA 2019

Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium 2019

Finalist, Israeli Academy (Ophir) Award, 2019

See Kinneret Film Festival, Israel 2019

Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, 2019

Finalist, Short Film Category Israeli Academy Awards 2019

Melech haMelachim Festival, Israel, 2019

San Diego Jewish Film Festival, USA 2019

Religion Today Festival, Italy, 2019

Festival Visioni Corte, Italy 2019

Pyeongchang International Peace Festival, Korea 2019

DokumentART - Film & Future, Germany 2019

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