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Mousseiyoff 9


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Everyday, at about 11 o’clock in the morning, next to Shlomo’s Felafel stand in the Bukharim neighborhood, a queue forms. Almost everyone here knows everyone, and everyone knows Hanna. This is the story of Hanna (the director), Yaakov (the chef), Muhammad (the chef’s assistant) and Moshe (the neighbor). And this is the story of the "Hasdei Yossef” soup kitchen, with the variety of colorful personalities who frequent it. And it is all happening here, in Israel 1999

Director: Azarya Hammer
Screenwriter: Azarya Hammer
Cinematographer: Moshe Huri
Screenings & Prizes

Best Jewish Script, Ma'aleh competition, Ministery of Education 1999
Second Prize,  FILMAKER, Social Film Festival, Milan Italy 2000 

FILMAKER, Social Film Festival, Milan Italy 2000
"Surprise" Student Film Festival, Documentary special program, Tychung Taiwan 2000
Jewish Film Festival, Barcelona Spain 2001