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In yeshiva, when you’re hungry eat.  When you’re tired sleep.  If you’re not hungry or tired, you sit and study Talmud. If you’re not studying, what are you doing here? What happens when you get stuck between success and failure, between faith and doubt? What happens on the margins of the Yeshiva Study Hall? 

Director: David Tauber
Producer: Eliya Tauber
Screenwriter: David Tauber
Cinematographer: David Atsmi
Editor: Bracha Yaniger
Screenings & Prizes

Best Drama, Ma'aleh Graduate Ceremony 2013
Best Jewish Film, Ma'aleh Graduate Ceremony 2013

Honorable Mention at the Religion Today Film Festival in Trento, Italy, 2014


West Chester Film Festival, 2015

Religion Today Festival in Trento, Italy, 2014



Movie Comments

Behind the Scenes: