House 103


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August  2005. The Tal  family  are living out their final moments in a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip. "Disengagement”, Ariel Sharon's political plan to evict the 22 Jewish communities of the Gaza Strip, will go into effect within a few days. The film is an intimate portrait of the family members’ struggle to come to terms with their fate.

Director: Ohad Domb
Producer: Ohad Domb
Screenwriter: Ohad Domb
Cinematographer: Ohad Domb
Editor: Ilan Eshkoli
Screenings & Prizes

International Jewish Film Festival, Argentina FICJA 2006
Sleepwalker International Student Film Festival, Estonia 2006
First Time Director Film Festival, Singapore 2006
Neighbors International Film Festival, Haifa Israel 2006
The Jewish Motiff International Jewish Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland 2007