Ohad Domb / Alumni


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House 103

2005 Documentary | 30
August 2005. The Tal family are living out their final moments in a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip. "Disengagement”, Ariel Sharon's political plan to evict the 22 Jewish communities of the Gaza...more >


The Ranch

2004 Drama | 22
David is the owner of a ranch in a remote settlement that will soon be evacuated by the army. He has already experienced eviction from the Sinai in 1982, and this time he has decided to give in...more >


One Too Many

2005 Drama | 24
30 year old Kobi is married to Rachel, who's been in a coma for 4 years following an accident. Kobi uses a little known loophole in Jewish Law - the signatures of 100 Rabbis - in order to marry again...more >


Come Back Shulamit

2005 Drama | 19
On the way ot a fitting for her wedding dress, Shulamit is involved in a car accident which results in amnesia. Shulamit can remember nothing related to her fiance or to her upcoming wedding. The...more >


2012 Drama | 22
Uri, a young officer, together with two soldiers under his command, is manning a checkpoint. Two women from the "Watch” organization are filming events at the checkpoint. Uri receives an order to...more >
Narrative Director, Documentary Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Producer / First AD